CaseStudio is an architecture and design studio that works within the full range of the architectural practice. From interior design and exhibitions, housing, office and industrial projects to strategic city development schemes. An important part of the practice is the academy work, with research, lectures and workshops, that helps us to continuously question and develop ideas about the contemporary situation in the society.

Through curiosity of expanding the knowledge into other fields, the office develops continuously knowledge and competence within the architecture practice. Insights from this processes helps us to develop future-friendly solutions from a creative, knowledge-based platform filtered through the hands of a highly committed team.


How we do it
A ‘case’ includes the design of a project and the design of the process itself. Every case is unique and demands a unique solution. To reach a successful case we support tailor made processes in close collaboration with our clients to reach up to our own high demands.

CaseStudio works deliberately with participation as a fundamental driving force in all projects. We always strive to work in close collaboration within our team, with consultants and most importantly with our clients.
A result of this is our developed tools for  initial workshops with all stakeholders as a starting point in projects in order to create a mutual creative platform for the continued work.
By this we can, in an early phases of a project, listen to and bring in the needs, dreams and vision that already exists within the group of stakeholders, in order to manage and develop them together during the process.

With the participation as a foundation, CaseStudio has developed a well functioning communication tool box.
We always focus the work on a visual and clearly communicative material as a strong carrier of the concept.
All means we  have is part of this, drawings, illustrations, models etc, to make everyone understand and become part of the project.
CaseStudio always works with physical conceptual- and sketch models as an important part of the process to develop and shape the key questions and the main ideas. Through the models we can have a precise and clear dialogue about the spatial qualities directly with our clients and other stakeholders.

CaseStudio is a small creative studio with a broad as well as deep competence in the different aspects of architectural design. We always work to gain a long term trust where we work with a project from idea to implementation.
We always work in order to develop and expand the role of the architect and bring what ever competence that is needed to accomplish this. With our broad experience we are able to consider a wider approach in the project that makes us able to raise the projects form conventional architecture and design to a new level with stronger and more unique values and thereby we make a foundation for our projects to become a great success for all parts.