Client: City of Tibro
Category: Interior Design and Exhibition Design
Year: 2010-2013
Project Team: Claes Johansson
Cooperation: Kristina Lindkvist, ÅnyoForm

Description: Invited competition for refurbishment of an old industrial building into a new meeting place and visitor center for the furniture industry in Tibro. The project has been done partly in cooperation with Ånyo Form.

The project is part of an ambitious effort by Tibro municipality to strengthen collaborations, profiling local government and industry, and to develop the cluster of companies in the furniture industry in the region. The invited competition that the team won was the conclusion of a long development of the Inredia concept where ‘Design med Omtanke’ among others participated. An industrial building was selected as venue for the meeting place where the competition task was to develop an exhibition concept for the participating companies. The success factor in the contest was to highlight the entire house as part of the exhibition and create places for many different types of exposure and meetings. The main intervention in the building is a large opening in the slabs, creating place for a wide staircase that becomes the focal point of the house. The staircase creates the opportunity for new sightlines and a good orientation over the whole building. It creates curiousity for visitors to explore the whole exhibition, but it can also be used for temporary exhibitions, lectures, product launches etc.

As a continuation the office got a comission to develop the exhibition relating to the Tibro museum with an emphasis on stories of the industrial tradition and crafts in the furniture industry.