Kv. Vestindien

Perspective courtyard

Project name: Simonsland / Kv Vestindien
Client: Kanico
Category: Refurbishment / Industrial Building
Year: 2006-2010
Project Team: Jonas Carlson, Claes Johansson, Eva-Johanna Sandberg, Tobias Hesselgren, Torunn Melander

Simonsland, Borås
Transformation of a textile factory into a cluster for creative businesses in fashion, design and commerce.
The project covers about 60 000 sqm and is located just north of Borås most central parts with the river Viskan running through the area. There is a great potential for Borås center to incorporate the area as a new part of town. The office has worked with an overall strategy for how Simonsland can be developed over time.

Kv Vestindien, Simonsland, Borås
In 2009, Case Studio was commissioned to make a visionary sketch project for the development of the area’s oldest part, Kv Vestindien. The assignment was partly about project management, where a project team was put together with expertise in architecture, antiquarians, building construction, real estate, as well as identity and branding. Together in the team the office should create vision for a new identity of  the building based on the conditions, context and constraints with the aim to find a feasible way for Kv Vestindien to become ‘the diamond of Simonland’ and thus show a new direction for the entire area.

The work was based on a initial workshop with the project team managed by CaseStudio. The aim was to gather experience, ideas, references and knowledge of Kv Vestindien, but also to identify new unexpected thoughts early in the process. The occasion was also useful for creating a mutual vision of the project. The workshop resulted in a material that brought up appropriate programs with potential target groups.
The project was at the end presented with analyses, sketches, vision images and possible development directions, highlighting new activities and potential target in order to create interaction and dynamics in the neighbourhood. The project was developed in order to serve as a roadmap for the future development of the area.