WoodFusion 2014

Korgen at WoodFusion 2014

Client: Svenska Mässan
Category: Interior Design and Exhibition Design
Year: 2013-2014
Project Team: Claes Johansson, Jonas Carlson, Lukas Nordström, Catharina Dahl, Sophie Campanello

‘Korgen’  is a physical manifestation around the possibilities of what wood as a building material can achieve – made to challenge the industry as well as architects for a better and smarter use of wood.

WoodFusion 2014 at Trä- och Teknikmässan was developed in collaboration between Svenska mässan and CaseStudio. It was made to be a meeting place between the wood industry and architect/designers as a knowledge brokering point – a neutral place at the fair where knowledge from both parties could be visible and shown and where dialogues between the two could happen. A full-scale prototype was made to serve as a gathering point, a wooden structure, ‘Korgen’, inspired from traditional wood-woven baskets. It was made from thin baseboards, flexible and bendable, but not constructive as a single piece. Together and in a complex pattern where several pieces joined together made a sturdy organic shape that created a volume – made for meetings and professional encounters. The structure was done as a parametric design that made it possible to get a digital drawing for every lath with exakt markings of each hole that corresponded to a specific joint in the structure. This made it possible to erect the 4,5 m high structure in only 10 hours on-site. Joints where made with bolts and nuts in order for easy reassembling of the structure and a sustainable way to dismantle and recycle the different pieces properly.

WoodFusion was the first cooperation between Svenska Mässan and CaseStudio and was done as the first stage of a long-time strategy on developing wood as a material for the future.